With almost three decades worth of experience under his belt, Moazzam Khan is a well-known name amongst the fashion fraternity. Working in collaboration since 1993, Moazzam Khan had been the creative guru behind the label Rizwan Moazzam. Come 2017, and he parted ways in order to follow his passion and give his aesthetic sense more room to experiment and play.

Moazzam Khan’s core focus has been bridal dresses. From the concept to the actualization of the dress itself, he is actively involved in each and every step to ensure that the dress comes off exactly as he has envisioned it.

Moazzam Khan now proudly presents his first solo bridal collection; ‘Scintillation’. As the name suggests, this collection is fiery like the brilliance of gemstones. The collection has further been divided into three sub-categories in accordance with the dress colors and themes.

Who We Cater To

At MK Studios, there’s something for everyone. This has been our guiding principle. We wish to not just cater to the elite few, but to the general population too. We believe that everyone is entitled to beauty and should not have to hold back simply on account of their budget.

This is why, at MK Studios, our customers are presented with multiple customization options in order to compensate for their budgets. We offer a variety of changes and alternatives to come up with the best possible solution that does not leave either party wanting. Something for everyone!

Moazzam plans on adding a jewelry and accessories line to his label in order to compliment the bridal dresses, and has been working towards making this available to his clients over the next few months. Fragrances are also in the pipeline.

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